3D Holographic Work


Shooting Star are specialists in creating, shooting and producing 3D material for holographic projections. We have a five year relationship with trusted event specialists, HAYCOM, who hold the exclusive licence and provide all the technical knowledge and support for this special event based product.

What is Musion Holographic Projection?

Using High Definition video projection and Musions’ invisible foil, coupled with some very clever lighting and amazing 3D content, Musion Holographic Projection allows you to connect to your audience in a never seen before way. Starting with the completely invisible foil, rigged at a 45 degree angle across the stage, the content is projected from an overhead source, bounced off the floor which then reflects upwards onto the invisible screen, giving the impression of a real 3D volumetric image on stage.

Live presenters on stage at the same time, can interact with the projected content.  Endless FX, 3D graphics and live elements can be produced to ensure a dynamic and visual experience for the viewer.

Check out official Musion website for official demo.

If you are interested in Musion for your next event and would like to see a demonstration, please contact Daniel Saward at The Norwest Group on (02) 8838 0302.

Check out some recent Shooting Star musion projections HERE or click below for Shooting Star Production musion reel.